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EConcellos Plan development in eadministración Galician local entities

  • Functional description

    The project consists in sentar las bases de un desarrollo coordinado y sostenible de la eA en las EELL gallegas. The analysis of the local level in the territory Galician revealed a number of problems and needs, and the desire to reach a situation objective based on cooperation between AAPP to achieve a homogeneous levels of services, after which it will tackle joint actions and develop interoperability between the Galician AAPP.

    The Plan eConcellos consists of the following strategic lines:

    • Connection Xunta de Galicia-Concellos , centered on the project of the portal EidoLocal, que busca consolidarse potenciando sus contenidos a través de la puesta en marcha de la Carpeta del Concello, los Servicios de Apoyo a los Concellos y la Ventanilla Única.
    • Connection Concellos-ciudadanía , which is put into practice from Fields of action :
    • Attention to the citizen : projects are the most significant redefinition of the model Single Portal and the creation of a new model of Eye care offices citizens.
    • Local eA development : key initiatives to develop to complement the proceedings of the Provincial, are the creation of Standard catalogue of the Procedures EELL, the introduction in the EELL telematic procedures and catalog of systems for eA.

    Moreover, the Xunta de Galicia will focus on the following Horizontal areas that affect both lines of action:

    • Neutral mode interoperability : to meet the requirements of the national Schema Interoperability, is expected the momentum of a network inter-administrative de interconexión de las EELL con el resto de las AAPP de diversos niveles y la puesta a disposición de las EELL de horizontal digital services .
    • Infrastructure: for the development of eA, the EELL require a technological infrastructure such as accommodation centres of systems and data, digital identity solutions and adherence to the outline of communication of Xunta .
    • Instrumental measures : as a complement to the main projects, it will sign the ONE of the convention EELL for the creation of a framework for cooperation in the momentum of modernization in this area, in addition to the proceedings of training, awareness, dynamization and continuity the eA by the Room eConcellos.

    Technical Description

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