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E-government platform of the board of Extremadura

  • Indicators:

    Not specified, apart from the implantation of a series of technological modules:

    • Simplific@
    • Registr@
    • Tramit@
    • Notific@
    • Archiva@
    • @tiende

    Functional description

    The project consisted analysis, development and implantation of a series of modules technological to achieve the goals set.
    Since the functional point of view the project involved the following features:

    • Simplific@: for the identification, analysis and streamlining of procedures, as well as the normalization of their models of print and forms, as a prelude to its use telematics and future automation.
    • Registr@: to equip the Regional administration of a corporate system only registration documents, true for those submitted in offices, as through the telematic channel.
    • Tramit@: as software tool that provides support through the development of a “ processing engine ” to the automated management of a good number of simplified procedures.
    • Notific@: bodies to notify the citizen managers agreements or resolutions arising from the processing of their files through telematic channels.
    • Archiv@: as a component documentary that aims to be the warehouse of documents involved in the processing, facilitating later access and entry to the management from any other tool of the system.
    • @tiende: which is the front-office of the administration of the board of Extremadura by providing information services and attention to the citizen (A SUBSCRIBER) through different channels, as the presencial, telephone, e-mail, Internet, picture, voice recognition, etc.
    • Observatory: as a system of processing of the information that allows you to introduce and validate a scorecard (CMI) incorporating indicators to help and support to decision-making centralized in the administration of the board.
    • Run: set of common and homogeneous information that supports the different existing information systems on the board.

    Technical Description

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