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- Disability service march Government

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    Scheduled task which is responsible for updating the database of disability (DSCP schema) depending on the DBFs containing details of the beneficiaries of the certificate. These files DBF will be available in a folder of the filesystem configurable. Furthermore provides a web service method to operate the portal DSCP _ ADMIN, responsible for administering configurable properties of the application.
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    Any Public Administration
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    Installable product

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    Infrastructure or common service, open source Application
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    Personal Documents
    EUPL (European Public License)
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    JAVA, J2EE, JSP, Web Services


    The goal of the application is to prepare the data to be consumed by the application SPD.

    The system of documents through consultation CSV is an application that will allow citizens and officials consultation of documents belonging to tape or files in those involved.

    Within the framework of the Plan of E-government march government (PAEGA), all applications that integrate it going to generate documentation that will be stored in a documentary management platform called Documentum.

    The system CCSV interacts with Documentum adding extra functionality that facilitates fulfilling the requirements related to the inclusion of metadata associated with documents. The main functions that CCSV plays are: document management, metadata management, management of signatures, management of relations between documents and records management.

    Cada documento generado, tendrá un código de verificación o CSV que lo identificará de manera inequívoca. Utilizando este CSV los ciudadanos podrán consultar desde un portal público el contenido del documento.

    In turn, public employees may consult the documentation for which are authorized also providing CSV code of the document you wish to consult.

    The component Core is the core of the application and executes the whole business logic associated with the consultation of documents through CSV and provides services to both the internal components of the system, as the external applications for managing documents (management of documents, files, metadata...) Is also the element for integration with external components of electronic signature, identification and authorization of users and access to the documentary manager.

    Within the system CCSV, Core through interfaces based on web services supports the internal components Pub and Priv. Pub is a web interface of public access to the consultation of documents through the introduction of a CSV. Priv is a web application that allows public employees the search and consulting documentation.

    On the other hand the component Admin, go directly to the Core component to perform tasks of administration and system configuration.


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