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Facilities management data processing

  • Functional description

    The application of management of CPD's allows inter alia:

    • Data graphically: each CPD shows graphically distributed in racks, and these in turn in the different teams that compose it.
    • Management of the physical space: each rack is divided into the Or's that consists in order to facilitate the management of physical space.
    • Easy access to information: the informaión of each team can be edited from the rack in which is located or from a comprehensive search.
    • Management of virtual servers: allows managing virtual servers in a similar way to the physical servers.
    • Information on characteristics of the teams: includes full information on the physical data and characteristics of hardware equipment.
    • Procedures: allows the inclusion of information on any action that is necearia on your computer.
    • Services and applications: it may include information on services or applications residing in servers.
    • Connections: you can have the relationship of physical connections between the different teams.
    • Backups: information on policies of backups associated with each server.

    Technical Description


    This application is designed to a Web environment and characteristics underlying such development are:

    • MySql 5 : database of the application
    • Apache 2 : web server with SSL activated
    • PHP 5 : for the development of the user interface shown in HTML.
    • HTTP : as communication protocol.

    The application is mounted on a model IBM server 8671-GAX with Linux (Fedora) as operating system

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