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PAe - CTT - General - Cliente de firma electrónica de @firma
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Digital Signature @firma Bezeroa

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    Suite @firma bezeroa: Miniapplet Autofirma Firmamovil + +
    The Suite @firma client is one of the products of the @firma digital signature and identification solution suite. It is made available to public administrations so that they have the necessary tools for the fast and effective implementation of advanced digital signature and authentication.

    The Suite @firma client is a digital signature tool for desktop environments and mobile devices, operating as a Java Applet integrated into a web page through JavaScript, as a desktop application or as a mobile application, depending on the user's environment.

    Helburuko egitea:
    Public Administration Any, Business, Citizens
    Installable product
    Solution of Type:
    Open source aplikazioa
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic arloa:
    Laguntza arloa
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP , Support for the processing mail , Security infrastructure and management of identities
    Functional arloa:
    Government and public sector, langileak documents
    EUPL (European Public License), GPL (GNU General Public License)
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    Operating system:
    Windows, Unix, Linux, MAC Anyone


    Given the complexity of the creation of electronic signatures in different platforms due to the variability of operating systems, browsers, virtual machines and signature standards, the General Secretary of Digital Administration has developed an applet of multiplatform signature. This is available to all public administrations.

    Catalogue Applications:

    Applet-ak for use in browser

    • Miniapplet @firma: multi-format, applet operating system and multi-browser multi signature. In browsers that do not support Java, the javascript in Miniapplet launches the AutoFirma application, instead of the applet.

    Desktop interfazeak

    • Autofirma: basic desktop application for users without knowledge of electronic signatures. It selects by default the most appropriate signature format for the document to be signed. It allows to display the signers and signed document if a signature is entered.
    • Standalone: it allows to Firma clients to run as a standalone or desktop application. It provides all the functionality of the client: signature, encryption and enveloping.

    Mobile Applications

    • Cliente@Firma Móvil. It is integrated transparently to Miniapplet users. It is necessary to use the intermediate server (Proxi ClienteMovil). Available for: Android 4.0 and later and iOS 8 and later.

    The products suite of the Firma Client is released as free open source software with a license: GNU GPL versión 2 and EUPL v1.1

    This is a reference solution to comply with the measures of identification and authentication described in Chapter II of Law 39/2015 of Public Administration of the Common Administrative Prozedura.