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Cl@ve Identification

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I get the error message 'invalid.sp.domain' of the gateway Unshade accordion

    Why do I receive the error "invalid.sp.domain" to send a request to the catwalk?

    One of the causes may be the following:

    In the petitions Cl@ve gateway is mandatory to send the cabacera http "Referer". If not sends this cabacera, the gateway responds with the previous error.

    This error can occur especially from Internet Explorer. C hen Internet Explorer detects that may have security problems omits send this header.

    For example, if la URL desde la que se hace la llamada contiene el carácter 'ñ', el navegador decide que no es seguro y no envía la cabecera.

    Solución: Modificar o corregir la aplicación para que no se envíen caracteres 'extraños' en la URL.


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