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  • Start date Production:


    • Version 2 of web services, more easily in integration.
    • Compatibility with eEMGDE v1 and v2 v3.

    Functional description

    Archive es una solución para archivo definitivo de expedientes y documentos electrónicos.

    Triptych Archive (Opens in new window)

    Functionalities of Archive

    • Administration of File.
    • Administration of users and Applications.
    • Administration of Documentary Series.
    • Administration of Metadata.
    • Management of files and documents in phase of file.
    • Management of conservation policies/Transfer.
    • Search engine of files/documents.
    • Package management of dissemination (Taken).

    User Manual (Opens in new window)

    Web services of Archive

    Moreover is available for users who wish to intergrar their applications with Archive, a series of Web services.

    Guide Web Services Archive (Opens in new window)

    Technical Description

    For the service requires (to date 2018):

    • MySQL.
    • Apache Linux.
    • J2EE application server.
    • Mail server.
    • Connectivity with signature services.
    • Connectivity with utilities services sealed generation.
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