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    API JavaScript for development of interactive maps in web applications in a simple way.
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    Any addressee
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    Horizontal services for the AA.PP , Websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen
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    Government and public sector
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    JavaScript APIA that is a an interactive us to include API SITNA enables map viewer, representing geographically referenced information, and application in web gunearen pages.

    This SITNA product has been developed to be used in the web applications of the Government of Navarra. However it can be used by any user or organization in their web pages.

    Beste Among direnak, the following funtzionalitateak sakatuta API SITNA:

    • It provides navigation tools included in common map viewers, such as zoom, location map and basic measuring tools.
    • It allows you to search for a municipality by its name, an address, a cadastral parcel or a point by its coordinates, among other options.
    • Its default configuration facilitates the creation of a basic map with common tools and background maps from IDENA, such as ortophotos, a base map, topographic mapping or cadastre.
    • Geographic information can be added through WMS and WMTS services. -It creates specific markers with associated information.
    • Geographical information can be uploaded from a file in KML, GeoJSON or other formats.

    The API is based on various third-party JavaScript libraries, but it is completely self-contained. All the related resources are dynamically loaded by simply inserting the API script in the page. This development approach had as main goal to make it accessible for a developer with a limited GIS knowledge.

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