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Annotate RCP

  • Organismos integrados con Anota RCP en producción (parte de los documentos):

    General Administration of the state:

    • All ministries and agencies Sistena RCP path integrated management Staff.
    • State Agency for tax administration.
    • Education ministry.
    • Higher Council of Scientific research.
    • State society Postal and telegraphic services.

    Public universities:

    • Alcalá university of Hayfields.
    • University of Alicante.
    • Autonomous University of Barcelona.
    • Madrid Autonomous University.
    • Balearic university.
    • Top university.
    • Cantabria university.
    • University Carlos III of Madrid.
    • Complutense university of Madrid.
    • Extremadura university.
    • Jaume university Castellón I.
    • Huelva university.
    • The university Coruña.
    • The university Rioja.
    • Lion university.
    • University of The Palms of Gran Canaria.
    • Hernández Miguel university of Elche.
    • National University of Distance education.
    • CRM.
    • National University.
    • Technology University of Madrid.
    • King Juan Carlos University of Madrid.
    • University of Santiago de Compostela.
    • University of Seville.
    • Valence university.
    • Valladolid university.

    In phase of integration:

    • Social security.
    • Defence ministry.
    • Other universities.
    • Annotations that are not in production of the integrated centres in production.
General access point
General access point