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    Agrega2 is a distributed repository of educational resources open, composed of a set of interconnected nodes through internet federated manner.
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    Installable product

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    Open source application
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    Education, culture and sports
    GPL (GNU General Public License)
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    The platform Agrega2 (Opens in new window) repository is a distributed Open Educational resources (REA) in digital format. It is based on a set of interconnected nodes through Internet in most of the education departments of Autonomous communities (CC.AA) and the Institute of educational technologies (ITE) of the ministry of Education, culture and sport (MECD).

    Educational resources are organized according to the curriculum of the teachings of previous levels to university and are prepared for both its direct use by teachers and students as for download in standard formats and reuse creating new materials.

    Se ofrecen empaquetados conforme al estándar SCORM 2004 (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), y todos ellos están catalogados conforme al estándar LOM-ES ( (Opens in new window) ), which is an educational context adaptation to the Spanish LOM international standard (Learning Object Metadata), used as a model of data to label and describe learning objects.

    Agrega2 is available under a license GPL (GNU General Public License) that allows you to make modifications, making copies and distribute any of its versions associated with the same type of license. Can be traced the source code in the forge CTT's https :// (Opens in new window)  

    Para todos aquéllos interesados en su utilización, se ofrece la documentación necesaria y los archivos ejecutables para la instalación de la versión más actualizada en el Download area of CTT (Opens in new window) .


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