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eSignature Platform

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    Platforma@firma (the eSignature Platform) is a multi-PKI platform for electronic validation and signing.. . It provides services for authentication and electronic advanced singing quickly and effectively.
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    Public Administration Any
    Installable product (Network service applications in customers sar
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    Open source aplikazioa
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    Services for the AA.PP horizontala, Semantic Assets
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    Government and public sector, langileak documents
    EUPL (European Public License)
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    Technical, Political
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    JAVA, Web Services, .NET
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    Windows, Unix, Linux,


    Public administrations offer electronic public services using electronic signature and advanced methods of identification or authentication based on digital certificates. Due to the multiple certificates that can be used and the multitude of standards, implementing systems that support all the features can be complex and costly.

    Therefore, the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function provides the zerbitzuak electronic and validation multi-PkI signature @firma platform, as a service of certificate validation and electronic signatures decoupled from applications. It is a reference solution to comply with the measures of identification and authentication described in Law 39/2015 of Public Administration of the Common Administrative Prozedura.

    The goal is to verify that the certificate used by the citizen is a valid certificate and has not been revoked and therefore remains fully valid to identify its owner. The services of the platform are applicable to all qualified electronic certificates issued by any certification service provider supervised by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce in Spain, including DNIe certificates.

    The validation platform of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function operates as a non-intrusive service, which can be used by all the telematics services offered by the different public administrations, state, regional and local government. To facilitate the integration with the service, integration libraries 'Integr@' ematen dira, allowing on the server signature ere.

    In addition to the service offered, it is available as software to be installed by public administrations ( eskaintza eredua ) with multiple utilities of added value, among which are the creation and validation of electronic signatures in multiple formats.

    This solution has been released under the EUPL license, the source code and associated documentation are available through the Downloads section.

    There are other services ‘ of the @firma Suitea ’ related to the validation platform @firma. This is the case of a platform for time stamping, a client of signature in user environments, a display of electronic signed documents, etc., which can be found at the corresponding initiative.

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