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Modernization and Administrative Decentralization with implementation of Documentary Management and Electronic signature.

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    Decentralization of integrated management system Económico-financiera, budgetary and Patrimonial, with documentary management and electronic signature in an environment of ‘ paperless office ’ that will expedite administrative procedures and reduce times.
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    The municipality of Cerdanyola Vallès
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    Moral Miquel Roldan
    93 580 88 88

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    Good Practice
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    Management systems and services
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    Personal Documents
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    Full name of the initiative:

    Modernización y Descentralización Administrativa con Implementación de Gestión Documental y Firma Electrónica.



    The overall objective is to decentralization in the surroundings of the integrated management system Económica-financiera, budgetary and Assets. The documentary management and electronic signatures are the elements that we will facilitate the process.


    The municipality of Cerdanyola of Vallès intends to Modernise the administrative management through the introduction of information technologies for structuring and exploitation of the information concerning the economics and management of heritage.

    This innovation process of municipal management will achieve management efficiency; streamlining procedures tending to 'paperless office'; and supply of quality in the service to citizens and businesses.
    The municipality of Cerdanyola of Vallès aims to make possible control and monitoring budget through decentralized management of spending, adding the personalization of processing transactions prior to the environment of the definition of managers centres or organic classification directly. Applications are related to budgetary centres so that managers operations and decentralized consultations can be delimit per centre manager.

    It aims to create a personalized processing circuit for each entity, defining states and with a system of Input Trays and exit at centres managers or in the intervention.

    As a complement, requires of software consultation of operations, applications, third parties, etc. since posts without access to the database, only with an Internet browser. The system must respect the constraints of decentralization of centres managers.

    With the introduction of the documentary manager, integrate the different databases and can realize the electronic signature inside and outside the town hall. The manager documentary with electronic signature, designed as external tool but perfectly integrable accounting, allowing applications linked Town easily with the system, giving them archiving functionality and electronic signature avanzada.Es therefore necessary to build a new environment of ‘ paperless office ’ to streamline administrative procedures and reduce, for example, several time only a few minutes obtaining a certification urbanística or permission of the occupation of public and also the individual receiver has neither to get closer to the municipal offices if not, adapting the tools of connection (Internet, Telephone, care Offices).

    The Administration can also play an essential role in terms of incentives for the use of technologies to do more modern and competitive the economic fabric of the municipality and in general of companies operating in and for the city. That is, can offer and promote forms of relationship between companies and Administration which save processing time and movement as they can operate from its offices.


    • SGBD supported: Microsoft SQL Server/ORACLE.
    • The whole software settings (documents, files, security, etc …) is stored in the database.
    • Binary compressed storage (compression rates 10-90% depending on the format)
    • Compatibility with Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe virtual through “ channels ”
    • Profiles for developers (server COM)
    • Use of TCP/IP as communication mechanism (configurable port)




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