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PAe - listing Communities

Next there is A list of communities to which have permission to view.

  • Electronic forum

    Electronic forum

    Given the broad scope of the invoice and in order to combine the vision of the public administration and the business sector, the ministry of Territorial policy and Public Function creates the forum of invoice in which they are represented by both public and Private Sector.

    In this forum was presented and discussion on the current situation of the invoice, options for improvement and progress in the short, medium and long-term plan for the full integration of the invoice in buying processes of public administrations.

  • Forum Citizen Folder

    This forum of Citizen Folder was created with the aim of pooling the vision of the public and private sector in relation to the development of digital administration and services provided to citizens, both natural and legal persons.

  • Accessibility community

    Community of users of the Observatory of Accessibility to knowledge-sharing in this area and use the diagnostic service on-line accessibility.

  • SSD community

    The SSD AAPP Community was created for that all those people interested in the system of Support to the decision of the Public Administrations, available at the centre of transfer of technology can share their experiences, consult your doubts and maximizing the knowledge acquired by all.