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According to the recommendations of the committee of public administration reform (CORA), the government established an ambitious programme of reform of the TIC and electronic administration at the AGE:

  1. Appointment of a single responsible for the entire TIC Administration (PROFIT) to lead the digital transformation process of administration. Since the month of September 2014, the unity of the PROFIT from the AGE, the direction of information technologies and communication skills TIC assumes the General direction of Administrative Modernisation, procedures and momentum of electronic administration, and depends on the secretariat of state of Public administrations.
  2. Definition of a new model of governance TIC for the AGE. The aim is to establish a new model of organisation that allows us to promote the use of the TIC to the administration more efficient and more prepared to face a context of constant technological changes. This model was the Royal Decree 806 / 2014, 19 September on organization and operational instruments of the TIC at the AGE (Opens in new window) and Governance bodies posts in operation. After the passage to the XII Legislature, said Royal Decree is pending update.
  3. Definition and approval of the TIC Strategy for all AGE with a time horizon until 2020. Digital transformation Plan of the General administration of the state and its Government Agencies the strategy tick, approved by the cabinet on 2 October 2015 constitutes the global strategic framework for progress in the transformation of the administration, establishing its guiding principles, objectives and actions to achieve them, as well as milestones for the gradual development of the administration Digital. After the passage to the XII Legislature, said Royal Decree is pending update.
  4. Consolidation of infrastructure and provision of common services. A fundamental step has been the adoption by the Strategy committee TIC , New model of shared services composed of the regulatory framework of the declaration of shared services and the first statement of shared services.

It is articulating a most modern administration, more effective supported in a coordinated work of all units TIC in a constant effort to boost innovation digital transformation of the administration, putting the citizen at the heart of all our efforts.