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General Secretariat of Administration - SGAD Digital

The SGAD, with the rank of Branch, and under the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function is responsible to move the process of streamlining of information technologies and communications in the area of the General administration of the state and its government agencies in the terms established in the Royal Decree 595 / 2018, 22 June, which develops the basic structure of the ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function (Opens in new window) and Royal Decree 806 / 2014 of 19 September (Opens in new window) on organization and operational instruments of the TIC at the AGE.

The General Secretary of Digital Administration is:

  • The secretary of the full commission TIC strategy.
  • The president of the executive committee of the TIC Strategy commission.
  • The director of the steering committee of the information and communications technologies.
  • The president of the sectoral Commission Electronic administration.

The SGAD provides technical support to all these Bodies.

In international cooperation develops an extensive activity:

  • In the area of the European Union: Committees, working groups and forums of the European Commission (Action Plan 2011-2015, programme ISA, Services directive and Internal Market, projects CIP-LSP as STORK2, GEN6 and E-SENS) and the Council of the HAT (Working group of Telecommunications and Information Society)
  • In the field not European Union: OCDE, Innovation (RIMPE, CLAD, CEPAL), arrangement of mutual recognition security certificates of information technologies, international standardization, etc.