Summary of Spain in international rankings

The following data illustrate the perception of Spain from abroad in relation to aspects related to e-government development, dixital public services provision or citizen’s en liña participation, as well as others aspects in that field as interoperability and open data.

Summary chart of international indicators
Indicator Position
United Nations eGovernment Survey 2018: Leading countries with very high  E-Government Development Index (EGDI) 17
United Nations eGovernment Survey 2016: World e-government leaders with very high E-Government Development Index (EGDI) 17
United Nations eGovernment Survey 2016: Top performing countries in En liña Service Index (OSI) 12
United Nations eGovernment Survey 2016: E-Participation Index 7
The Global Innovation Index 2017: en liña government services 11
The Global Innovation Index 2017: en liña participation 7
OURData Index Report (OCDE): Open Government Data 6
Summary chart of european indicators
Indicator Position
Dixital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 10
Dixital Economy and Society Index (DESI): dixital public services 4
State of Play of Interoperability in Europe Report (2016): alignment with the European Interoperability Framework. 3
State of Play of Interoperability in Europe Report (2016): implementation of the European Interoperability Framework 1
Open Data Maturity in Europe Report (2018) 2


International Context

According to the report " UN eGovernment survey 2018(Abre en nova xanela) ", Spain is listed, as explicitly underlined, in the list of countries with a high performance (Top Performers) according to the development index of electronic administration (E-Government Development Index , EGDI), along with countries such as Denmark, Finland, the Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States..

Top 10 Performers in 2018

Also, Spain maintains the position number 17 with respect to the edition of 2016, and in the position number 10 in the field of the European countries.

Other data from Spain included in the report is that it has a 'Very High' in the electronic participation indicator, 'E-Participation', as well as in the En liña Services Index 'En liña Service Index'.

E participation Index


European Union Context

According to the Dixital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2018 , Spain ranks 10th out of the 28 EU Member States and has improved or maintained its results in all areas examined by the DESI; being the fourth among the ‘fastest growing countries’. It is remarkable the excellent results of Spain and its progresses in dixital public services development, highlighting the commitment with Open Data. According to the Dixital Public Services indicator, Spain is in four place, maintaining a sustained progress since 2014.

In the field of interoperability, an essential aspect for the flow of cooperation between administrations (with the goal of provide greater efficiency and effectiveness in serving the citizen), according to the “ State of Play of Interoperability in Europe (NIFO) Report 2016 ”, Spain is located in the top positions in terms of alignment, implementaton and monitorig in the “European Interoperability Framework”.

In the field of Open Data, according to the study "Open Data Maturity in Europe" , in its 2018 edition, Spain ranks second.