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Project e-SENS (electronic services simple and interconnected European)

The implementation of the necessary mechanisms of interoperability to realize the digital single market in Europe.

The project e-SENS is a joint initiative of more than 100 institutions belonging to 20 European countries that responds to the convening of 2012 the competitiveness and innovation programme of the European commission. Its objective is to facilitate access to public services in different countries of the HAT by citizens of any country in Europe. Providing public services of this cross-border perspective allows you to move towards the digital single market, one of the great strategic challenges of European Union.

In particular e-SENS deepen in those basic services that allow launch cross-border public services via the Internet, such as electronic identity, the digital signature, electronic exchange of documents, etc.

This will leave existing solutions in the member states and in European projects such as previous e-CODEX (Opens in new window) (in the area of justice), epSOS (Opens in new window) (in the area of health), SPOCS (Opens in new window) (in the business environment), STORK (in the area of electronic identity) and PEPPOL (Opens in new window) (in the area of electronic contracting), in order to make a consolidation of existing solutions and propose an infrastructure Only to be used by countries and the European commission.

Basic services proposed by eSENS will be implemented in different pilots in areas such as justice, health, the creation of companies or hiring administrative.

Participation of Spain

Spain participates in the project through the ministry of finance and public function, the ministry of health, Social Services and equality and the justice ministry.

Key data Project:

  • Project coordinator: Justice ministry of the region's Renania Norte-Westfalia, germany
  • Participants: Austria, Czech Republic, Man, Estonian, France, Germany, Greece, Irish, Italy, Luxemburgo, Holland, Norwegian, Polonia, Portugal, Rumanía, attended the Slovenian, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, OpenPEPPOL, ETSI
  • Start date of the project: 1 April 2013
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Budget: 27 M €(13.5 Metres €financed by the European Commission)
  • Program: Programme to support policies in information technologies and communications under the framework programme for innovation and competitiveness (CIP).

The project White-paper

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